Why Pip Decks is boycotting Black Friday

This shopping frenzy for “stuff” used to be one day. But now it’s an entire week. 

It’s not stuff you need. It’s stuff you’ve been convinced to think you need, contributing to throwaway culture and a rise in landfilled waste.

The sad story: up to 80% of items bought during Black Friday will end up either in landfill, incineration or, at best, low-quality recycling, sometimes after a very short life.

Most 'deals' are too good to be true. Retailers raise prices weeks prior and then “slash down” to “Black Friday prices”. In some cases, it's been reported that prices have actually gone up!

All this creates pressure as a business to do some kind of sale on Black Friday.

So what's Pip Decks doing?

Well, when I said we’re not doing any Black Friday deals... I was lying.

This week, we’re raising our prices by 100%. 

(I’m kidding)

So what are we really doing?

We’re donating 50% of our profits to the extraordinary charity, GiveWell. They search for charities that save or improve lives the most per dollar. Our earnings for this week will be going directly to their Maximum Impact Fund.

So, if you wanted to help those in need but never knew how to do it effectively, or didn't have time to vet the charities on your own... I've done it for you.

And if you were leaning towards getting a physical Workshop or Storyteller Tactics deck - now is the most impactful time to get one.

Unlike all the throwaway junk on Amazon, our decks have been designed to last a lifetime. As a designer, I wanted to create the best possible quality product. I didn't care for getting the most optimal profit margin. No corners have been cut, no expense has been spared - as you'll find out, Pip Decks is the Rolls Royce of card decks. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your Pip Deck and save some lives.

Have a good week. (My accountant will not)

Charles Burdett
Founder of Pip Decks

P.S. We have Team Packages now too.

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