PPP #23: How to run a successful business

PPP #23: How to run a successful business
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Storytelling in job interviews.

Try to avoid waffling in job interviews.

When telling a story, stick to the fundamental details that will get your point across — where it happened, who was involved, your role, and your result. 

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Breaking the ice.

Need a quick icebreaker for your meeting or workshop?

Tell a dumb story. Any story. As long as it made you laugh.

It’s a natural way to get people loosened up and chatting — people will likely follow up with questions or even tell their own stories.

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How to run a successful business.

If you follow the next bit of advice, your business will likely succeed beyond your wildest dreams:

“Care about your customer more than you care about yourself.”

It's that simple. 

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