The Pip Decks Library


Storyteller Tactics®

Ditch dull presentations. Tell great stories.

A card deck of storytelling recipes that help you influence and inspire your team, stakeholders and customers.

Workshop Tactics®

Ditch dull meetings. Design better products.

A card deck of workshop recipes that help you lead your product team to design better products, together.

Team Tactics

Ditch chaotic mess. Design great teams.

A card deck of 54 organisational and leadership tactics that help you design, grow and nurture effective teams.

Idea Tactics®

A card deck of 54 idea-generating exercises that help you explore uncharted territory and innovate beyond the obvious.

Laws of UX®

Build better user interfaces with psychology principles.

A card deck of psychological principles that help you design and justify your user interfaces. In collaboration with award-winning designer Jon Yablonski.

Innovation Tactics

Ditch the guess work. Design products with confidence.

A card deck of research & design methods that guide you through the innovation process (without the bullshit).

For Designers, Product Managers, Consultants, Researchers, and Entrepreneurs.

Strategy Tactics

Ditch vague nonsense. Make clear decisions.

A card deck of exercises that help you understand WTF is going on, and what to do about it.

For Change-Makers, Strategists, Executives, Consultants, Product Leaders and Business Owners

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