Make your story even more memorable

Archetypes is an expansion pack for Storyteller Tactics that will transform your presentations, marketing, (or even lesson plans) into universal stories your audience will never forget.

These 20 cards give you the exact steps to bring the people in your story to life, creating a deeper connection with your audience.

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Win the hearts of your audience

Archetypes are timeless and relatable individuals who instantly resonate with your audience.

Whether real or fictional, they keep showing up in stories told down the centuries. From the loveable rebel (like Han Solo from Star Wars) to the confident ruler (like Barack Obama).

They are the people we meet – or become – on our journey through life.

Ditch boring characters

Create characters your audience instantly relate to. It could be you, your customer, your client. Anyone can be a character!

Get your audience leaning in

When you feel someone is ‘just like us’, you root for them - and so you listen. You need to know what happens to them.

Make your story memorable

Archetypes show up in stories throughout history. Why? Because we love them, and we remember characters the most.

Look inside Archetypes

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