The Designer’s secret weapon.

A card deck of psychological principles that help you design and justify your user interfaces.

Secret Weapon

Each tactic helps you confidently design legendary user experiences. Curated from timeless academic studies and new innovative methods, Laws of UX will become your new secret weapon at work.

The Vault

Laws of UX also comes with access to The Vault which contains tonnes of deep dives into each card, including templates and guides. Whilst the cards give you the what, the companion videos show you how and why.

Attention to every detail

A super high-quality premium card deck of 54 UX principles and methods. The deck contains 56 3.5” x 5.75” cards total in 400gsm premium matte finish contains in a heavy duty UV spot finish card box.

Psychology + Design

As humans, we have an underlying “blueprint” for how we perceive and process the world around us, and the study of psychology helps us decipher this blueprint.

Designers can use this knowledge to build more intuitive, human-centered products and experiences. Instead of forcing users to adapt to the design of a product or experience, we can use some key principles from psychology as a guide for designing in a way that is adapted to people.

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The Vault includes practical demonstrations, real world examples, and coaching on how to extract the most value from the deck.

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