Ditch the blame game.
Unlock team growth.

Retrospectives is an expansion of Workshop Tactics that will turn your team’s experiences into actionable insights.

Identify what worked (so you can do more of it) and what didn’t (so you can avoid it) with 20 cards that encourage a culture of honesty and empowerment.

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Maximise your team’s potential

Every success and failure offers a chance for your team to grow.

Yet most teams move to the next project without a second thought.

It starts to feel like déjà vu: the same mistakes occur, and hard work is never recognised.

But with Retrospectives, you can create change.

Help your team learn from the past and get the recognition they deserve, so they can tackle the next challenge with newfound wisdom and clarity.

Ditch endless mistakes

Bitesize templates and recipes that help you learn from your mistakes and successes.

Learn what to do next

Find out how to put those lessons into action for future projects.

Grow as a team

Boost team morale by finding out the truth. Learn from losses. Celebrate wins.

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