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Simple Sales Story

What is the Simple Sales Story tactic?

"Someone like you buys this product." Or...

"Someone you like buys this product."

These sales stories work because we're constantly monitoring how other people around us behave. There's a kind of wisdom in the crowd. Plus, other people are acting as beta-testers of new products, lowering the risk for us. All of this social information can be held in very simple stories.


How to use Simple Sales Story

Simple Sales Story 1:

"Someone like you buys this product." 

Moral of the story: "we've solved their problem, we can solve yours too."

  1. Who am I trying to sell to?
  2. Who have I already helped who is like them?
  3. If not a similar customer, a similar product, country or market. Maybe you've solved a similar problem.
  4. Which previous customers can you ask for a testimonial?
  5. What's the "for example..." moment they can tell about how you solved their problem?
  6. Don't forget to make these feel like a story (check the Movie Time tactic) 

If your company is super-new and you have no existing customers, tell stories about your Beta-testers. Or give away freebies to your target customer, with one condition: if you like the product, we get to tell a story about you (and if you don't like it, give us feedback).

Simple Sales Story 2:

"Someone you like buys this product."

Moral of the story: "you value this person's opinion. They trust us. Maybe you should too."

  1. Who am I trying to sell to?
  2. Who are they influenced by? 
  3. Who do I know who is connected to them?
  4. What have I done that shows these people should trust me?  (check out Trust Me, I'm an Expert tactic)

Tip: also look out for "social disproof", any signs that people don't fit in with others around them. This might be an opportunity to find a new angle for your story (see Rules, Cheats and Rebels). Better still, they could be a new market for your product. 


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