Save your team from ineffective work

Your team is stuck.

Stuck in ineffective practices, your team is too confused to perform at their best.

Find the issue with Team Tactics.

Use our Strategy System to identify your team's biggest challenges.

Give your team structure.

Transform the way your team communicates and collaborates - one card at a time.

Avoid the most common management mistakes

Lack of communication, uneven workloads - Team Tactics helps you avoid these and build healthy habits for a productive team.

Pip Decks are great for team engagement - they make everyone feel included in the design process.

Liv Morris
Senior Project Manager, BBC

Yes, Team Tactics is for you!

Get the best out of your team

  • Solve communication issues
  • Give your team structure and clarity
  • Become an effective manager

“It has helped me be a better manager and get better results from my team.”

— Emeric., IT & Project Director

Make an impact with your clients

  • Quickly reinvigorate unmotivated teams
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Train & coach new managers

“If you do this job, it’s because you like conducting workshops. This deck makes that even more fun and easier!”

— Sebastien T., Project Manager Officer at Disneyland Paris

Team Tactics is built for design teams

  • Embed good habits like Design Crits
  • Create psychological safety
  • Enable autonomy and mastery

“I set up a workshop in 30 minutes, ran it, and had people requesting that I invite them to all similar meetings in the future.”

— Nathan C., Sr. UX Designer

Instantly upskill your managers

  • Gives your team a toolkit for success
  • Run your team with a system
  • Nip people problems in the bud

“Saves me so much time because I can host a workshop without planning it all from scratch.”

— Aerin B., Founder @ Embue

A coach’s best friend

  • Prepare a team building workshop in minutes
  • Impress clients with out-of-the-box thinking
  • Solve team problems with ease

“I’m tempted to keep it a secret, but they’re too good not to share!”

— Mel., Creative Consultant and Coach

Run productive teams with confidence

  • Eliminate meeting prep
  • Improve collaboration
  • Find another way to reach the island

“It has made me a leader in the eyes of my management.”

— Brian O., Engineering Lead @ Protium

Support your team with confidence

  • Plan meetings in minutes
  • Discover new ways to collaborate
  • Put an end to chaotic teams

“Just try one card and see how it changes your collaboration!”

— Jay. S, SI Lead

High-quality shortcuts that get the best out of your team

  • Run your most productive meetings ever
  • Generate creative strategies in minutes
  • Give your team clarity to achieve their goals

“We’ve conducted workshops on everything from long-standing issues we needed to address to new website pages”

— Stephen P., Chief Marketing Officer @ Bombbomb

Collaborate creatively on easy mode

  • Give your team structure
  • Solve communication issues
  • Connect with your customers

“The decks aren’t cheap but they’re totally worth the money because they give you advice and directions you can go in.”

Tien Chiu, Co-founder @ The Handweaving Academy

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What you get with Team Tactics

(The Complete Package)

1. Premium card deck: learn without distractions

Learn the ways of successful leaders with our digestible, actionable cards.

2. Video masterclasses from the author

Expand your knowledge on the tactics with 54 bite-sized video tutorials from Dave Cunningham, the Team Tactics author.

3. Digital templates: collaborate with your team faster

Every tactic comes with interactive templates so you can easily run dynamic meetings, one-to-ones, performance reviews, and much more.

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4. Community access: grow your skills with 15,000+ active members

Our online community has thousands of members on the same journey as you. Share your experience and get your questions answered during regular live events and author Q&As.

Team Tactics

The Complete Package includes:

  • 54 Physical + digital cards
  • Video masterclasses
  • Digital templates for your team to collaborate online
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Customers sharing their love for Pip Decks

The team browse the cards to get clarity on an approach which you can’t do when it’s hidden away on a website.

Simon Hurst
Senior User Researcher @ Hippo Digital

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