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About the author, Tom Kerwin.

Tom is Head of Product Design at Relive. He conducted his first user research session in 1999 and has been obsessed ever since with how we can get out of “Thoughtland” faster when designing, building and launching digital products.

He’s coached teams and individuals in research methods, discovery habits, A/B testing and design decision-making.

He’s excited to share this UX Research Tactics deck. It’s for anyone working with a team to bring something new and uncertain into the world. It’s for people who are tired of circular debates about imaginary customers. For people who want to research but struggle to get buy-in. For people who don’t quite know where to start or how to turn research into actionable insights that make a difference.

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Trusted by 30,000+ professionals

I can't tell you how useful it was to have a community of beta-testers. I learned so much about focussing on what you, the customers need, rather than what we, the writers, thought would work.

Steve Rawling
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You aren’t obligated to do anything, but you get out what you put in. We’ve found people who dedicate a couple hours a week and actively giving their feedback are the ones who have most influence on the final product.

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Yes. As the Beta has limited spaces, we want to make sure everyone taking part wants to be there. But we understand life events can get in the way.

Can I get access to all the Beta programs at once?

Yes. There is a Super Pass that grants you access to all the Pip Deck Betas we are running this year. This “access all areas” pass gives you a unique insight to see how the decks all work in context of each other (and is super useful for us to learn from!). And you are getting a killer saving instead of buying all the decks individually at full price later this year.

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If your feedback is included in an iteration of the deck - this shall not entitle you to any form of compensation. You are providing your feedback as a gesture of goodwill. By taking part in the Beta, you also grant us a sole and exclusive, perpetual and
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