Vegan Leather Case

4.52/5 total rating

Protect your Pip Decks® for life. Protective card sleeves and category dividers.

  • Vegan Leather Deck Case with cherry red velour interior, embossed with the Pip emblem

  • 54 (or 108) Clear Protective Card Sleeves for easier shuffling, handling and safer storage

  • 9 (or 23) Coloured Category Dividers, that help you get the right card quickly.

This is for the card nerds

You like your cards in mint condition. You don't want grubby fingers greasing them up. God forbid a corner ever gets scuffed or bent.

Then you’ll love our custom card sleeves and vegan leather deck box. Designed to fit Pip Decks® cards like a glove.

Now you'll be able to share your deck without worrying what condition you'll get them back in!

Get ready for booster packs

Each case has extra room for more cards, so you'll have space to complete your Pip Decks when expansion packs are released later this year.