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Storyteller Tactics

Meet Storyteller Tactics: a super high-quality premium card deck of 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to help you ditch dull presentations, and tell great stories.

Stories are the magic ingredient to boring presentations. They grab the attention of your audience and fix your message in their memory. That jeopardy-filled story about sabre-toothed tigers stuck in your ancestor's minds, because it depended on their survival. We are wired for stories.

All the ingredients you need to tell a real, human story are right here. Waiting for you to craft them into something amazing. They're now all in one beautifully designed place: The Storyteller Tactics Card Deck.

Storyteller Tactics comes with access to The Vault which contains hours of storytelling video tutorials for each card, including templates and guides. Whilst the cards give you the what, the companion videos show you how and why.

Attention to every detail
- 56 x Storyteller Tactics cards
- 3.5” x 5.75” card size
- 400gsm premium matte finish
- Heavy duty, UV spot finish card box