Storyteller Tactics Team Package

£359.00 £449.00

Invest in your team with Pip Decks. Boost their storytelling confidence ... and get up to 30% off! 

Storyteller Tactics54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to help you ditch dull presentations, and tell great stories about your work.

    Each Team Member gets the Physical Deck + Digital Cards + Access to The Vault: 

    • PDF + Drag & Drop Card images for use in Miro / MURAL
    • Access to hours of Video Tutorials and Templates for both decks
    • Storyteller Tactics physical card decks

    Deck features

     54 premium-quality tactic cards that last a lifetime

     Strategy system that helps you get to the right card

     Clear step-by-step instructions

     Helpful "what to run before and after" prompts

    ✅ Advice and support in our member-only community

     100% money-back guarantee if you don't see a 10x return (seriously)