Workshop + Storyteller Tactics Bundle

Bundle includes:

  • Digital Cards + PDF (Workshop + Storyteller Tactics)
  • The Vault Access (Workshop + Storyteller Tactics)
  • Physical Deck (Workshop + Storyteller Tactics)

Workshop Tactics is a beautifully illustrated card deck of 54 world-famous agile workshop exercises that help digital product teams design better products, together.

Storyteller Tactics is a card deck of 54 frameworks, prompts and exercises to help you ditch dull presentations, and tell great stories.

Now you can get both of our best-selling card decks, together (and save money too!)

 54 premium-quality tactic cards that last a lifetime

 Strategy system that helps you get to the right card

 Clear step-by-step instructions

 Helpful "what to run before and after" prompts

✅ Advice and support in our exclusive Slack community

 100% money-back guarantee (seriously)

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