Pip Decks

Storyteller Tactics

The penny finally dropped in Nan’s back garden. Niamh and her Dad stood there, watching Tony the estate agent hacking brambles and weeds with a spade. Slowly he reveals a low concrete slab, covered in moss and cracked with age. 

Tactics: Pride and Fall, Movie Time.


Niamh has been with MiCasa for three months now. A dream job for any developer, starting with an almost blank page and focussing on what the customer really needs. 

Tactics: It's a Kind of Magic, How to Why.


Niamh is in charge of the development team at UpYourStreet, a long-established property sales platform. Except she’s not - not in charge, that is. She’s waiting for Derek.

Tactics: Story Hooks, The Dragon and the City


Zanussi died unexpectedly, unloved and un-mourned by the millions of people who’d never read his work.

Overnight, Google had changed its search algorithms. They’d seen through the likes of Zanussi Cumberbatch, with his pathetic attempts to game the system. With a few lines of code, they gave Zanussi a death sentence.

Tactics: Tragedy and Redemption, Save your Reader


Orson always wanted to be a writer. He had a photo of Hemingway on the desk in his student bedroom. 

Two years out of uni, Orson got a job that paid him to write: as a content writer for a web agency. OK, he thought, it’s not coffee and cigarettes outside a cafe in Paris, but I am writing for a living!

Tactics: Secrets and Puzzles, Voyage and Return.


“Let me ask you this,” she says, pausing the presentation. “How many of us in this room right now know what we’re having for dinner tonight?” 

Tactics: Data Detectives, Cut to the Chase.


If Rachel had a catchphrase, it would be “Do we know that?” Followed by a pause, into which she mentally inserts “Or are you just making a massive assumption?” Colleagues joke it’ll be carved on her tombstone: “Here lies Rachel Downes… Do we know that?”

Tactics: Curiosity Killed the Cat, What's My Motivation?


This has all worked out well, very well. Ravi didn’t actually tell Emma she’s acting like his rebellious little sister, within the “family” of the company. But that was the story in his head. Rebellion is inevitable, he told her.

Tactics: Drive Stories, Hero and Guide.