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“Is Workshop Tactics or Storyteller Tactics worth the money?”

We get asked a lot if we have any reviews and testimonials for Workshop Tactics and Storyteller Tactics. It’s understandable. Our products aren’t like anything else out there so we totally get the hesitation to take a punt on something new and different. We’ve even written about why people still buy our decks even though the content is available for free.

Our website can only do so much to try to tell you how our decks can help you. Our customers do it so much better..

We get emailed all the time with stories of how Pip Decks is changing our customers lives. Like how Workshop Tactics has sky-rocketed a junior UX designer’s career by giving them confidence to run workshops. Or how a shy marketing intern used Storyteller Tactics to craft a presentation to land her dream job in advertising.

When you hear these stories about the immeasurable impact Pip Decks has on our customers, you’ll see we are creating something that is truly ground-breaking for your professional career. And this page is dedicated to gathering those stories and reviews and sharing them with you.

Below are testimonials from our customers. I hope they help you a find reason to take a chance on what we do. Pip Decks exist to give you the confidence to get take your career to the next level. I look forward to you joining the 20,000+ other customers who are already doing so.

Charles Burdett. Founder of Pip Decks.Charles Burdett

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