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Ever wondered why some people’s workshops are productive, satisfying and effortless?

I’ll tell you - so you get the results they get ...and people will wonder how you do it!

Great workshops are rarely an accident.

Consistently great workshops are never an accident.

But reality often serves up something quite different.

Recognise any of these?

  • some team members always contribute, others rarely do
  • individuals assert their particular biases at the expense of relevant, workable outcomes
  • discussions go off on irrelevant tangents, eating up valuable time
  • confusion over what problem to solve - let alone how to solve it
  • disagreement on how to proceed - and not everyone on-board with what’s decided
  • inconclusive results
  • flat, disappointing conclusions

We want to love our workshops

And we want our team, our boss, our customers - and ourselves - to be quietly impressed with how quickly we set up and run effective, problem-solving sessions.

Well, we have just the thing. Take a look at this...

Introducing… the workshop facilitator’s unfair advantage

Workshop Tactics is a deck of 54 problem-solving exercises selected, ordered and conceived to help facilitators like you consistently create the best workshops you’ve ever attended.

The deck gives you 54 different ways to cover just about every creative, design-thinking, product-creating goal, challenge or dilemma you are ever likely to face.

The 54 cards are divided into categories that mirror the seven stages of product design.

So you select tactics based on the exact situation you find yourself in at the time.

“I love having all the tactics in my hand, and not having to spend ages working out the best strategy.”

Harry Whitaker. Senior UX Designer.

Get it right first time

Don’t sit there trying to work out how to handle a tricky problem that’s just landed on your desk.

Whatever your next step needs to be... it’s in the box.

Let Workshop Tactics lead you to the best next-step.

Improve everything...

Workshop Tactics isn’t just a collection of proven problem-solving and solution-finding workshop tools...

Workshop Tactics is a thorough product-design / feature-development / problem-solution approach.

One that will either fit itself neatly into your existing process… or it will actually be your process.

The individual exercises feed into each other in logical, productive ways.

So if you find the single tactics are working well on their own... just wait until you start linking them!

Results build on results, magnifying outcomes - and so producing genuinely useful ideas that might not otherwise have come about.

Planning with physical cards is an unmatched experience.

Your new workshops

Workshop Tactics will change your - and your team’s - beliefs in what a workshop session can achieve.

Need to create ideas and solutions for the design stage you’re currently working in?

There’s a collection of tactics for that - they’re already grouped by design stage for you.

Got specific problems that might hamper progress?

The deck helps you pinpoint the exact tactic that’ll help you out.

Need fuller analysis - or a deeper dive - into the case at hand?

Link tactics together in the sequences shown for maximum creative output.

Colourful, beautifully made, big enough to be substantial but small enough to be easily portable in a handbag or large pocket… 

“They're easy to understand, look great - and most importantly, they fit in my coat pocket.”

Nick Richardson. Product Manager, Apadmi.

One thing you can be sure of: your workshops are never going to be the same again!

Made with your workshops in mind

My name is Charles Burdett - I created Workshop Tactics and later, founded Pip Decks as a vehicle to curate knowledge in card form.

Charles Burdett

Over the last 10 years I’ve been part of every type of design workshop you can imagine.

I’ve done it for boot-strapped start-ups and for household names like the BBC, Audi and Center Parcs.

And I learnt that workshop success has nothing to do with the size of the company, the quality of the team members - or your own willingness to work hard to get the job done.

At every firm I ever worked at what facilitators wanted more than anything else was…

a reliable process that delivers the decisions, ideas and solutions their team actually needs.

Something you can set up, start working… and know it’s going to deliver.

Not occasionally, not sometimes… but every time you gather people together to do some serious thinking.

Solving the workshop problem

I tested scores of workshop tactics across the whole design process for dozens of products.

Over a couple of years I learnt which tactics work best for certain design stages - and which rarely work anywhere at all.

I documented every piece of feedback, everything I learned.

Until I could enter a project at literally any stage - and nail it.

From clunky online document to sleek real-life reality

My colleagues loved the process. But not the document I’d printed it on!

So I made something solid… something tangible… easy to pass around during a session.

And that something became the Workshop Tactics deck.

Hundreds of your fellow-facilitators now own one of these decks. None of them ever gives their deck back!

Because they work.

Good for your customers, your team - and you

My reputation - and career - depended on me coming into work and making great decisions on a consistent and dependable basis.

Possibly yours does too.

I wanted a cheat-code for my job, basically. So I could be the very best at this.

Workshop Tactics is that cheat-code.

No fluff, no fillers.

Some of these tactics you've heard of. Many will be new to you.

Either way, they're now all in one place, neatly packaged, simply explained, intelligently ordered - and ready to go.

You have a workshop-in-a-box.

Remember: the occasional outstanding workshop could be a lucky accident.

But consistently outstanding workshops are deliberate.

Workshop Tactics is a facilitator’s short-cut to consistently outstanding workshops.

You - the super-facilitator!

How do you run a successful meeting with Workshop Tactics? Like this:

Step 1. Decide which problem or issue you want to address

Step 2. Ask a couple of simple diagnostic questions to determine which tactics to use

Step 3. Pick those cards... and you're ready to go.

Do this for an all-day session, a half-day session… or a quick, urgent 30-minute problem workout.

In all cases… your workshop set-up is 2 - 3 minutes.

For hundreds of facilitators Workshop Tactics has already raised their workshopping game beyond all recognition.

It’ll do the same for you.

Get your deck now before they run out.

Whatever the best workshops are achieving… yours can achieve that too

Hundreds of facilitators love their Workshop Tactics deck.

Its problem-solving structure frees up their people to explore what might have remained unexplored… leading to ideas that may otherwise never have seen the light of day.

Which makes everyone happy.

You too can nail every stage of the design process - before you’ve even started work.

The decks are running out fast.

Get yours now and start creating the kind of workshops that you thought only other people were capable of! 

“Workshop Tactics is the first thing I reach for. 
I can't live without them.”

Tom Newton. Design Lead at eBay.

Forget drawn-out instructions, complicated props and uncertain outcomes.

Spend almost zero time and energy planning your workshops - yet enjoy engaged team working, clear objectives and a reliable flow of new and useful ideas

Workshop Tactics is already the secret sauce of hundreds of expert workshop facilitators across some really well-known companies.

Which is why if you turn up to a design session at the likes of the BBC, Stanford University, Lyft, ING, HMRC, Facebook, IDEO… you might notice that Workshop Tactics is the backbone of some teams’ entire design process.

Get your deck and join them. Become the facilitator you never knew you could be. We have some left - order here.

People now think I’m some sort of workshop pro ... I just followed the recipe!

Markus Karlsson-Jones. Senior Officer, MMU.

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