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The Impostor Revolution Starts Here.

Years ago, our founder, Charles Burdett began a worldwide movement to inspire professionals to break out from their comfort zone, acknowledge their Impostor Syndrome and become confident, inspiring leaders. To recognise their abilities in every step of their career. He called it the Impostor Revolution.

To date, thousands of professionals have joined our community, and become a part of this revolution in bravely working in the unknown. Every day, this community of aspiring and eager practioners continues to grow—and inspires new generations of creatives, managers, engineers, coaches and consultants to reach their full potential.

To our Pip Club community, Impostor Syndrome is something to celebrate. It’s not something to be “accepted” or “put up with,” but something to take pride in, to revel in, and to honor in every step of your career.

It means we are making progress.

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“Pip Club exists to get you to a level in your career that will make you unstoppable. I look forward to helping you on that journey!”

Charles Burdett
Founder & CEO of Pip Decks