The Pip Decks Library


Storyteller Tactics®

Ditch dull presentations. Tell great stories.

A toolkit of storytelling recipes that help you influence and inspire your team, stakeholders and customers.

Workshop Tactics®

Ditch dull meetings. Design better products.

A toolkit of workshop recipes that help you lead your product team to design better products, together.

Team Tactics

Ditch chaotic mess. Design great teams.

A toolkit of 54 organisational and leadership tactics that help you design, grow and nurture effective teams.

Productivity Tactics®

Ditch procrastination. Get stuff done.

A toolkit of techniques, frameworks and systems that blasts through your to-do list.

Strategy Tactics®

Ditch vague nonsense. Make clear decisions.

A toolkit of frameworks, prompts and exercises that help you understand what is going on, and what to do about it.

Brand Tactics®

Ditch dull business. Create standout brands.

A toolkit of 54 recipes that help you get clear on your value, express yourself bravely and escape the competition.

Innovation Tactics

Ditch the guesswork. Make things people want.

A toolkit of prompts, methods and exercises that guide you through the complex and messy process of bringing new ideas to market.

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