Get your employer to pay for Pip Decks

In 2022 US companies invested over $101.6 billion in training for their employees. The average budget assigned to workplace training is $1,285 per employee. 

Unfortunately a lot of professionals are unaware of the process for asking for this money.

We've made it easier than ever for you. 

Below you’ll find a pre-written email to send to your boss and an editable pitch deck to show them in person (or also attached to the email). 

If you have any questions or need assistance getting your boss on board, feel free to contact

Reimbursement email template

Hello [Your Manager’s Name],

I’ve been thinking about how to continue to be a high performer and grow my skills to add more value to the company.

Improving my skills in [delete as appropriate: storytelling / problem-solving / leadership / management / workshopping / sales / design / brand development] seems like a no-brainer! 

So, I did some digging and discovered Pip Decks. You might have heard of them already — thousands of global companies like Google, Apple, BBC and Microsoft are already using them. 

Compared to any other training, they are a game changer! 

A practical, timeless, no-beating-around-the-bush resource designed to get me learning by doing.

Outcome: I will sharpen my strategic thinking and expand the framework around [delete as appropriate: pitches and presentations, public speaking, workshop facilitation, team management, business and strategy, creative thinking, idea generation, training and coaching, digital design] quickly and effectively with the ability to share the resources with my team. 

What does it include?
Pip Decks are unique, confidence-boosting business toolkits that come in the form of recipe cards. 

There are over 216+ tactics on practical subjects like workshop facilitation, business storytelling, effective leadership, idea generation and more, written by thought leaders in each field. 

Every tactic contains hundreds of hours of research distilled down to fit onto a single card. Each card includes step-by-step recipes on how to run the tactic successfully, with suggestions on where to go next. 

Each Pip Deck also includes video tutorials from the author that guides you through each tactic, as well as templates so each tactic can be run quickly and effectively. 

You also get a membership to a 9000+ Slack group, with other professionals and Pip Deck authors from all around the world sharing resources, advice and strategies!

See for yourself — you can check out their teaser deck, which includes tactics and video tutorials from their most popular Pip Decks, here.

The best part?
They cost a fraction of the price of typical training (less than $200 per pack) and can offer further savings with business subscriptions.

Let me know if I can reimburse this expense to [COMPANY].



Reimbursement pitch deck template

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