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The Vault gives you exclusive access to Pip Decks authors and their coaching videos — so you can learn to use the decks with confidence. Best of all, new content is being added all the time!

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This is one of the dozens of videos you’ll find in The Vault. Steve Rawling is your personal guide. He walks you through his Storyteller Tactics deck, card by card — so you’ll feel confident crafting your own presentations and stories.

One of the coolest things about The Vault is that each Tactic has it’s own virtual whiteboard template. Check out the Stories that Sell Miro board featured in the video below. It has a more videos inside for you to preview — so you can get a real flavour of the enormous value you get in The Vault.

“The videos are a great guide to the decks. It’s like having a personal companion to the cards!”

Cindy Chan

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Workshop Tactics

What’s inside?
• 8+ hours of Workshop Video Tutorials
• In-depth write-ups and FAQs
• Digital Deck PDF & PNGs
• Miro Templates for each card

Storyteller Tactics

What’s inside?
• 8+ hours of Storytelling Video Tutorials
• Digital Deck PDF & PNGs
• Miro & MURAL Templates for each card