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The Vault

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Unlock your deck’s full potential with video tutorials from the authors

If Pip Decks are the recipes, then The Vault is the cooking show. There is an in-depth video for each card in every Pip Deck. They include practical demonstrations, real world examples, and coaching on how to extract the most value from each deck.

Also inside: digital templates for each card

Each Tactic has its own digital whiteboard (Miro/MURAL) template for remote collaboration. Check out the Stories that Sell Miro board featured below. There are more videos inside for you to preview — so you can get a real flavour of the enormous value you get inside The Vault.

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“The videos are a great guide to the decks. It’s like having a personal companion to the cards!”

Cindy Chan

Level up your career with your on-demand Pip Decks coach.

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Workshop Tactics

What’s inside?
• 8+ hours of Workshop Video Tutorials
• In-depth write-ups and FAQs
• Digital Deck PDF & PNGs
• Miro Templates for each card

Storyteller Tactics

What’s inside?
• 8+ hours of Storytelling Video Tutorials
• Digital Deck PDF & PNGs
• Miro & MURAL Templates for each card

New Vault content coming Dec 2022!

Team Tactics. Idea Tactics. Laws of UX.

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