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Decades of wisdom distilled into a practical toolkit.

Productivity Tactics builds effective habits that gets your most important work done.

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1. Productivity Tactics deck: confidence in the palm of your hand

Our unique, premium tactic cards distill decades of wisdom into practical prompts and instructions so you can get started in minutes.

2. The Vault: a treasure trove of productivity masterclasses

In our bite-sized video tutorials, productivity expert Daniel Bulygin shows you how to use these tactics to streamline your workflow, ditch distractions and get more work done, faster.

3. Digital templates: save time and boost productivity

Each tactic is accompanied by a digital template so you can quickly plan, organise and reflect on your tasks. Simply fill in the gaps.

4. Community access: grow your skills with 15,000+ active members

Our thriving online community has members from across the globe sharing tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Pip Decks. Plus, live events, authors Q&As and more.

“I'm a bit of a toolkit junkie - Productivity Tactics is the only tool that clicked for me. It’s the real deal for anyone on the fence about it.”

Hailey Bennet
Snr. Business Development Manager

The right Productivity Tactic at the right time.

You’ll always choose the right tactic with our Productivity Strategy System. A simple flowchart of questions helps you find the most useful category of tactics.

It’s the perfect tool when you aren’t sure where to begin, or to get unstuck if you feel lost in the middle of a pile of work.

Clear step-by-step instructions. No jargon.

Each tactic fits on the back of a card, so you get straight to the point.

The jargon-free instructions and prompts are easy to follow, for novices and experts alike.

Never get stuck when following up.

You’ve just complete a tactic, it was great! But now what?

The answer is on the bottom of each card.

Like a choose-your-own-adventure, it points to the suggested tactics to run before and after - so you never get stuck.

Yes, Productivity Tactics is for you!

Help your team be more efficient

  • Streamline workflow processes
  • Minimise time-wasting activities
  • Reduce burnout, increase happiness

“This has revolutionised how we operate. We've cut down on meetings and everyone is more focused and efficient.”

— Alex P., Operations Manager @ GreenTech

Bring focus to your client work

  • Enhance efficiency in client projects
  • Prevent client query overload
  • Inspire your colleagues

“Our team loves Productivity Tactics! It has made our workflow more focused, and we deliver results faster.”

— Priya K., Client Relations Manager @ Innovo Designs Inc.

Blast through your to-do list

  • Prioritise tasks effectively
  • Automate routine tasks
  • 10x daily productivity

“Since implementing Productivity Tactics, I've managed to clear my backlog and now spend my time on tasks that really matter.”

— Eduardo G., Project Coordinator @ BuildRight Construction

Prioritise high-leverage tasks

  • Focus on impactful work
  • Eliminate low-value activities
  • Boost overall team efficiency

“Productivity Tactics taught us to identify and focus on high-impact tasks. Our productivity has soared, and so has team morale.”

— Sarah L., Team Lead @ Digital Nomads

Clear your endless to-do list

  • Organise tasks for maximum efficiency
  • Delegate effectively
  • Transform your productivity habits

“I've completely overhauled my approach to my to-do list. I'm accomplishing more and feeling less overwhelmed. Bravo.”

— Jordan T., CMO @ Bloom Enterprises

Get into flow: eliminate distractions

  • Enhance concentration and focus
  • Streamline work processes
  • Maximise mindfulness, not just output

“Productivity Tactics was a game changer for me. Distractions are down, and I'm in the zone more often.”

— Rita M., Software Developer

Be more impactful with your time

  • Get more done in a day
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Streamline decision-making processes

“Our team is more agile and effective. We're making better decisions faster, which has been crucial for our growth.”

— Damien S., CMO

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Video tutorials that unlock each tactic

Get the Productivity Tactics Complete Package and unlock The Vault: filled with hours of coaching videos from Pip Decks President Daniel Bulygin — so you can see his tactics in action with real-life examples and demonstrations.
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“Like a life coach in your pocket.” — Amaya F.

4.8/5(537) total rating

“Productivity Tactics is like having a private coach who asks you all the right questions to guide you towards working on the right thing, and working on it in the right way.”

  • Shrink your to-do list
  • Eliminate that daunting feeling
  • Stay clear of burnout
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Get 10x ROI, or your money back.

If after 12 months you haven't got 10x the value back you paid for Productivity Tactics and The Vault content, we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

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