Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck
In this Live Session, we take a look at the Get Unstuck Session card from Workshop Tactics.

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Session highlights

  • Get Unstuck is a way to... get unstuck! It focuses on what's blocking your team, and finds the root cause with Five Whys

  • Five Whys helps us solve the root of the problem, instead of the surface problem.

  • Sometimes the solution can be a simple fix - we don't always need to dive into an ideation session.

  • Ask "what is the reason?" instead of "why?". It feels less like a personal attack.

  • It sounds crazily simple, but the solution is always the opposite of the problem. How specific the problem is depends on how easy the solution will be to implement. "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time"

  • Reverse Brainstorm helps people who don't consider themselves 'creative’ to come up with ideas, by asking for ways to make an idea worse.

  • Rose, Thorn, Bud is my go to evaluation/feedback tactic. It has carefully designed language to make receiving constructive feedback much easier.

  • It's important to group sticky notes into themes as you go, especially as a Five Whys session can become unwieldy. It should be your number one focus. Unsorted sticky notes means you can't make sense of what has been shared.

  • If you don't invite the right people to a workshop, it's hard to course correct when there are people in the room that shouldn't be there. A workshop is only as good as its input (your upfront preparation, and the people you invite)

  • Don't call it a workshop. People might feel they have to 'perform'. Instead, invite people to a meeting and own the role of facilitator. People will follow along if you act the part.

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