Ditch chaotic mess. Design great teams.

A card deck of 54 organisational and leadership tactics that help you design, grow and nurture effective design teams.

✅  Kill political chaos

✅  Build autonomous, fulfilled, motivated teams

✅  Create systems that ensure long-term success


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About the author, Dave Cunningham

Isn’t it annoying that design teams never seem to have the time to do anything but design meetings? At least we have a seat at the table now - phew. Or do we?

Starting is the hardest part of any journey. If you are in or lead a design team with little time, and you want to set off or climb to the top of that mountain. Then Design Team Tactics is your sturdy shoes, rucksack with supplies, map and supportive friends to help you get there.

Dave Cunningham is a designer, turned DesignOps specialist. He has headed up DesignOps at UK Government, Co-op Digital, and worked in design teams at all levels. From a junior at start-ups to lead at BBC for (just) over 20 years.

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