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Decades of business wisdom distilled into practical toolkits.

Pip Decks give you practical step-by-step recipes, coaching videos and templates that help you thrive in your career.

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Storyteller Tactics®

Storytelling techniques that help you influence and inspire your team, stakeholders and customers.

✅ Grab your audiences' attention (and keep it)
✅ Be remembered by those who matter
✅ Perfect for presentations, pitches and marketing

Workshop Tactics®

Run effective workshops so you can get important work done with your team, and put an end to pointless meetings.

✅ Get buy-in from your team and clients
✅ Uncover problems faster (and fix them)
✅ Never run out of workshop ideas again

Team Tactics™

Become a manager who actually knows how to manage, and lead your team with confidence.

✅ Uncover your leadership style
✅ Ditch office politics for good
✅ Create fulfilled and motivated teams

Productivity Tactics®

Techniques, frameworks and systems that combine ancient wisdom with cutting edge research, so you can blast through your to-do list in no time.

✅ Leave procrastination behind
✅ Build systems to get your best work done
✅ Smash your goals without burning out

Strategy Tactics®

Craft bulletproof business strategies so you can confidently make decisions that help your business (and career) thrive.

✅ Influence your org from the inside-out
✅ Spot future catastrophes and avoid them
✅ Make clear business decisions

Brand Tactics®

Get clear on your value, express yourself bravely and escape the competition.

✅ Understand what makes you unique
✅ Create a head-turning identity
✅ Stand above your competitors

Innovation Tactics™

Skip the (expensive) guesswork and learn how to make products that people actually want.

✅ Find product-market fit, fast
✅ Spot signals that tell you if your idea is a winner
✅ Uncover secret needs/wants of your customers

Get The Ultimate Collection

350+ tactics to help you thrive in your career.

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Get The Ultimate collection

Not just a deck of cards.

Each Pip Deck comes with an extensive library of video tutorials, templates and supportive community.

The Vault: a treasure trove of video masterclasses.

In our bite-sized video tutorials, each Pip Deck expert will guide you through their deck, giving you additional tips and advice.

Digital templates: take action, faster

Use our pre-made digital templates for key tactics so you can easily plan and run them, in-person or remotely.

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Community access: grow your skills with 15,000+ active members

Our thriving online community has members from across the globe sharing tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Pip Decks. Plus, live events, authors Q&As and more.

Over 100,000 happy Pip Decks customers across the world.

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