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Geneviève Filteau
Business Leader

Storytelling confidence in a box

Can't Keep Their Attention?

Your presentations lack spark, leaving you frustrated and doubting your ability.

Try Storyteller Tactics

A game-changing toolkit that turns dull presentations into great stories.

Become a Master Storyteller

Stand out, win audiences, strengthen bonds, and propel your career to new heights.

Yes, Storyteller Tactics is for you!

Tell stories that influence and inspire your team

  • Engage clients & stakeholders
  • Lead & inspire your team
  • Pitch your ideas with ease

“Storyteller Tactics helped me translate novel ideas into tangible proposals to help improve the drive for improvement and innovation.”

— Charlene J., Innovation Manager @ Fire & Rescue

Get your clients excited to implement your advice

  • Make memorable presentations and pitches
  • Influence stakeholders to make the right decisions
  • Be more effective at explaining complex problems and solutions

“The engagement of the client and the discussion it brought was amazing!”

— Dominika., Freelance Storytelling and Communication Trainer

Keep users and customers engaged

  • Be memorable: present your work as a story
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates
  • Influence stakeholders and clients

“After using Storyteller Tactics for new content design, our conversion rate increased 40%!”

— Jose, UX Designer @ Mindstone

Make your business stand out

  • Influence your customers to take action
  • Inspire your team to achieve their goals
  • Craft stories that will be remembered

“It is a really magnificent tool to create awesome things — social posts, pitches, stories, you name it!”

— Michael R., Owner of Eagle-Up

Become a confident leader through storytelling

  • Inspire your leadership team into action
  • Close investment rounds with ease
  • Turn dull presentations into inspiring stories

“I use it every day to convince my team and leadership that I know what I'm talking about!”

— Bonnie J., Director of Nutrition @ Potatoes USA

Turn boring data into engaging stories

  • Speak about your work with confidence
  • Make complex concepts memorable
  • Become an influential leader in your team

“Like a spark that sets thoughts on fire.”

— Brian H., Data Scientist @ Magnit, LLC

Tell your brand’s unique story

  • Connect with your customers in new ways
  • Increase conversion and engagement
  • Write compelling sales copy that works

“The decks aren’t cheap but they’re totally worth the money because they give you advice and directions you can go in.”

Tien Chiu, Co-founder @ The Handweaving Academy

Get Storyteller Tactics

How it works

Facts fade, stories stick. Storyteller Tactics is a potent business toolkit for crafting sticky stories. Each card offers step-by-step guidance to develop various story types (e.g., sell, persuade, explain). Combine cards for a unique strategy tailored to your goals and audience.

Our happy customers sell it better than we ever could

10x ROI or your money back

Storyteller Tactics

4.8/5(537) total rating

Ditch dull presentations. Tell great stories.

  • Kill boring PowerPoints
  • Get your audience leaning in
  • Have your message remembered
Unlock your inner storyteller

Instantly become a top 10% storyteller

“After giving a talk using Storyteller Tactics, I got feedback like ‘WOW that was like a TED talk!’ and ‘can you coach the whole team on how you do presentations?’

Tom Fern
Snr Comms Officer, University of Manchester

The right story at the right time.

When you aren’t sure where to begin, the Story Building System helps you find the most useful starting point for your situation.

Clear step-by-step instructions. No jargon.

Each tactic fits on the back of a card, so you can put its wisdom into action right away.

Never get stuck when building your story.

Like a choose-your-own-adventure, each card links to other cards - so you’ll be able to confidently craft your presentation, every time.

Make memorable presentations

”The sheer joy of seeing presentations become memorable and more interesting is a thing of beauty!“

Steve Miller-Perry
Senior User Researcher, Nimble Approach

Don’t take our word for it.

The Vault: like the cooking show for the recipe book

Get the Premium Complete Package and unlock The Vault: hours of coaching videos from Pip Decks author Steve Rawling — so you can see his tactics in action with real-life examples and demonstrations.
Get 10x ROI or your money back
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Get Storyteller Tactics

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  • Cards images for virtual whiteboards
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  • Physical Deck: Storyteller Tactics
  • 54 x Storytelling Templates
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  • Digital PDF
  • Cards images for virtual whiteboards
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  • Physical Deck: Storyteller Tactics
  • Digital PDF
  • Cards images for virtual whiteboards
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  • Express shipping


Trustpilot Stars Trustpilot rating

based on 59 reviews

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