Stop being a pushover. Get what you deserve.

50+ tried and tested negotiation tactics from a world-renowned hostage negotiator. Distilled and ready for to use in your day to day life.

✅ Always get the best deal
✅ Get ahead in everyday conflicts
✅ Avoid being taken advantage of

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Who wrote Negotiation Tactics?

We cannot disclose who the author is yet due to security risks.

Here’s what we can tell you: she’s an internationally acclaimed hostage negotiator, actively involved in resolving some of the most high-stakes and dangerous hostage situations around the globe.

She’s been in the field for 32 years, working alongside elite agencies like Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the UK government and other international organisations.

She has a remarkable 99% success rate in over 700 hostage negotiations, including direct engagements with deadly terrorist organisations.

Now, she joins forces with Pip Decks to bring her negotiation expertise to the world of everyday business.

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