Storytelling Techniques for Product Teams

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Ditch dull presentations. Tell great stories.

Storyteller Tactics is a card deck of 54 storytelling frameworks, prompts and exercises that help you influence and inspire the people you work with.

Designed to guide you through the storytelling process. It takes you from why you need a story, right through to who to tell your story too.

Storyteller Tactics is used by facilitators to run brand, marketing and communications workshops. It’s used by designers and researchers to present and tell the story of their work. And it’s used by entrepreneurs and execs to pitch work and persuade clients.

In the deck, you’ll find: story arcs, persuasion techniques, sales pitches, research methods, story frameworks, copywriting tips and ways to hook people into your story.


Story Building System

Do you know why you need a story?

Do you know where to find your story?

Do you know your role in the story?

Do you know what your story needs to do?

Do you know how to plan your story?

Do you know how to tell your story?

Do you know how to share your story?

Great, you are ready to tell your story to the world!

Recipe Recipe

Stories can change the world. See which problems you can solve by combining different story tactics.

Concept Concept

Stories shape how we see ourselves and the world around us. Frame your work as an epic adventure.

Explore Explore

Stories help us navigate confusing, unknown and changing situations. Make a map for your way ahead.

Character Character

Stories connect us to other people. Show us why we can trust you.

Function Function

Stories are more effective than facts or opinions by themselves. Put your stories to work.

Structure Structure

Stories carry us along thanks to a few basic patterns. Make your ideas flow in a story-ish way.

Style Style

Stories carry useful information. Make sure people remember yours.

Organise Organise

Stories work, so long as you use them well. Plan how you should tell yours.