Three Whos

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What is the Three Whos story tactic?

Don't write your story until you've worked out who it's for, who it's about and who's going to tell it.

If your stories aren't working, chances are you've got one of these Three Who's wrong. Maybe you're missing what your audience needs. Maybe the story shouldn't be about you. Maybe you shouldn't be the one telling it.

ℹ️ Remember: story is everywhere.

When you tell stories, people pay attention, and most importantly - stories are never forgotten. 

The opportunities for using Storyteller Tactics in your work are endless. From emails, pitches, job interviews, or show and tells.

There's no right or wrong way to use them. Experiment and play. You'll find what works best for you.

How to use Three Whos story tactic

1) Who is this story for?

Make sure you understand your audience. Don't assume you can keep telling the same story to different audiences.

Use the Audience Profile and Four Ways of Seeing tools.

2) Who is it about?

How many ways can you write the same story, with a different centre of attention:

  • You, the innovator
  • Your team
  • Your user
  • Your partners

3) Who should tell it?

Practically: Who would you trust: the boss who says "my product is great" or the customer who says "this product is great"?

  • What's the story you need to tell?
  • How would it sound if other people told it?

Ethically: Can a man tell a woman's story? (Repeat with as many identity markers as you like)

There are two answers:

  • No, this is a form of stealing. You can't speak authentically without lived experience.
  • Yes, we are empathetic creatures. Stories allow us to walk a mile in another person's shoes.

Personally, I prefer the empathy argument. But, it may not always be the right approach. Don't assume either way. How hard is it to say "I'd like to tell your story about X to Y. Is that ok?"

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      - Charles & Steve.

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