Timekeeping in Workshops


Plan in an extra half hour

Someone will always be late, so always take into account that you are starting 10 minutes behind schedule.


Divide the meeting into two parts

Make two halves to your meeting, you create the option to cancel the second half if you complete everything in the first.

Time each step of the activity

Whenever you ask a group of people to do something such as write things down on sticky notes, always give them a set time to do it in.

Read the room

You may notice everyone naturally finishes with time left on the clock. It’s okay to cut the time short and continue with the next step. Ask if everyone has finished.

Add timings to your agenda

If you are running a long session with multiple parts, let people know how long each exercise will take and ensure you have breaks. It’s good to know there is a comfort break planned into a four hour meeting!