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Pip Decks® is trusted by 100,000+ marketers, educators and business leaders across the globe, at organisations big and small.


Storytelling is the key to influence

Whether you’re a marketer writing legendary landing pages (like this one), a business owner crafting a killer pitch, or an educator designing engaging lessons - Storyteller Tactics gives you everything you need to become a confident and influential leader in your field.

“Like a cheat-code for your job”

Are you sending people to sleep?

Lackluster marketing? Students distracted? Team unengaged?

Level up with Storyteller Tactics®

Timeless storytelling wisdom unlocks the influence you always had.

Sell, teach or lead on easy-mode

You will feel like you found a cheat-code for your job (or your money back!)

Yes, Storyteller Tactics is for you!

Tell stories that influence and inspire your team

  • Engage clients & stakeholders
  • Lead & inspire your team
  • Pitch your ideas with ease

“Storyteller Tactics helped me translate novel ideas into tangible proposals to help improve the drive for improvement and innovation.”

— Charlene J., Innovation Manager @ Fire & Rescue

Get your clients excited to implement your advice

  • Make memorable presentations and pitches
  • Influence stakeholders to make the right decisions
  • Be more effective at explaining complex problems and solutions

“The engagement of the client and the discussion it brought was amazing!”

— Dominika., Freelance Storytelling and Communication Trainer

Keep users and customers engaged

  • Be memorable: present your work as a story
  • Increase engagement and conversion rates
  • Influence stakeholders and clients

“After using Storyteller Tactics for new content design, our conversion rate increased 40%!”

— Jose, UX Designer @ Mindstone

Make your business stand out

  • Influence your customers to take action
  • Inspire your team to achieve their goals
  • Craft stories that will be remembered

“It is a really magnificent tool to create awesome things — social posts, pitches, stories, you name it!”

— Michael R., Owner of Eagle-Up

Become a confident leader through storytelling

  • Inspire your leadership team into action
  • Close investment rounds with ease
  • Turn dull presentations into inspiring stories

“I use it every day to convince my team and leadership that I know what I'm talking about!”

— Bonnie J., Director of Nutrition @ Potatoes USA

Turn boring data into engaging stories

  • Speak about your work with confidence
  • Make complex concepts memorable
  • Become an influential leader in your team

“Like a spark that sets thoughts on fire.”

— Brian H., Data Scientist @ Magnit, LLC

Tell your brand’s unique story

  • Connect with your customers in new ways
  • Increase conversion and engagement
  • Write compelling sales copy that works

“The decks aren’t cheap but they’re totally worth the money because they give you advice and directions you can go in.”

Tien Chiu, Co-founder @ The Handweaving Academy

Get Storyteller Tactics

Pssst... that was a simple three part story 👆

What you get with Storyteller Tactics

1. Storyteller Tactics® Pip Deck: Confidence in the palm of your hand.

Our unique, premium tactic cards distill decades of wisdom into practical prompts and instructions so you can get started in minutes.

2. The Vault: a treasure trove of storytelling video tutorials.

Across 54 bite-sized video tutorials, legendary storyteller Steve Rawling shows you how to craft highly effective stories, piece by piece.

3. Digital templates: Craft your story fast, or collaborate with your team.

Each video is accompanied by a template so you can follow along as you craft your story.

Sneak a preview of The Vault

Include in the Complete Package, The Vault gives you bite-sized coaching videos from Storyteller Tactics author Steve Rawling — see the tactics in action with real-life examples and demonstrations.

“A great companion for our marketing! Incredible value for money”

Sean Su
Head of Design @ Logitech

Our happy customers sell it better than we ever could

Get 10x ROI or your money back
We know how much of a game-changer Pip Decks® can be. After purchasing, if you haven't got at least 10x the value back you paid within 12 months, we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.
Read our returns policy. T&Cs apply.

“I made back the cost within an hour of using it.” — James M.

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Level up your career with this new, unique and comprehensive storytelling toolkit.

  • Kill boring PowerPoints
  • Get your audience leaning in
  • Have your message remembered
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”The sheer joy of seeing presentations become memorable and more interesting is a thing of beauty!“

Steve Miller-Perry
Senior User Researcher, Nimble Approach