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Using Storyteller Tactics is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Find your starting point

Use the Story Building System when you aren’t sure where to start.

You can ask the questions by yourself, or together with your team.

Each tactic card has a colour-coded border, so you can find them quickly.

Pick a tactic

Take a peek!

Craft your story!

The category (and story stage) the card lives in.

What the tactic does, and what outcome it’ll give you.

Why it’s important, and when you might decide to use it.

Other related tactics that are useful to try beforehand or after.

A three-word summary of what the tactic does for your story.

Beautifully illustrated by Berlin-based artist David Hill.

Level-up your marketing with the power of storytelling

Discover how to write killer landing pages, ads and emails with our 54 bite-size tutorials. Preview one of our most popular lessons:

Go from zero to top 10% marketer, or your money back.

Your marketing isn't converting

Are your ads and landing pages not converting? Do you feel stuck?

Level up with Storyteller Tactics

Leverage storytelling in your marketing to unlock performance.

Sell on easy-mode

Stand out, win audiences, increase conversion rates, and propel your career.

Pssst... that was a simple three part story 👆

What you get with Storyteller Tactics

Video tutorials that create killer copy that converts.

Across 54 bite-sized video tutorials, legendary storyteller Steve Rawling shows you how to craft high converting copy with the power of storytelling.

Pre-made templates to help you craft your marketing story faster.

Each video is accompanied by a template so you can follow along as you craft your marketing material.

Premium card deck that reactivates what you learn, wherever you go.

Our unique, premium Pip Decks® cards summarise the course into step-by-step instructions. Great for sharing knowledge that’s always to hand, and for working away from your screen.

Limitless learning with Pip Decks

Every course includes a Pip Deck® containing prompts, frameworks and exercises you need to reactivate what you learned - again and again.

“A great companion to help build the storyline for our marketing! Incredible value for money”

Sean Su
Head of Design, Asia Pacific at Logitech

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“I made back the cost within an hour of using it.” — James M.

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Level up your marketing with this comprehensive storytelling toolkit - designed to help you sell.

  • Kill low conversion rates
  • Create engaging social posts
  • Write persuasive copy
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Trustpilot Stars Trustpilot rating

based on 91 reviews

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