Episode 2: Just make it look nice!

Episode 2: Just make it look nice!

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Each we release two tactics from the up and coming Storyteller Tactics card deck.

We show you how our characters use the power of story to overcome challenges (and how they also help us write their narratives!)

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Cassie logs off the Zoom call, shaking her head in disbelief.


“Just make it look nice”?

Is that really what Allan thinks designers do? I’m going to have to park six week’s work because his client thinks their investment website “looks a bit clunky.”

Grrrrr. Why won’t they listen? How many times do we have to explain ‘Design Thinking’? 

Ok, onwards and upwards. The client’s been hopping around his competitor sites and now wants a chatbot. We can do that. It’s a quick fix. It won’t make me proud, but hey. I can bitch about it on Twitter rather than boast about it on Medium.

I’ll get Ellie to set up some remote user testing. What’s the worst that can happen?

This week's Storyteller Tactics

Emotional Dashboard

We’re always trying to get somewhere in life. When things go well, we feel a range of positive emotions like joy or satisfaction.

And when we’re knocked off course, we feel anger, shame or frustration.

Emotions act like early warning signals, that’s why good stories contain emotion (unless they’re told by engineers, but that’s another story).

See the Emotional Dashboard tactic ➔


Trust me, I’m an Expert

You need to convince people to trust your judgement as an innovator.

But actually, you’re a character in a story, not an impartial expert standing outside the story. How you behave matters more - in story-world - than what you believe.

See the Trust Me, I’m an Expert tactic ➔

Next episode: Let’s see what Cassie’s behaviour tells us about her character as the story unfolds in the next episode... The Frowning User

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