Curiosity Killed the Cat

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What is the Curiosity Killed the Cat tactic?

Curiosity killed the cat... but satisfaction brought him back again. Maybe this is why cats have nine lives.

You have no control over your own curiosity. Some things grab you, others don't. What's normal for me might seem weird to you. Curious tales help you see what makes other people tick. Or you can use them to tell a story about your own insights as a designer. 

Try this tactic as part of a team building session with Drive Stories.


How to use the Curiosity Killed the Cat tactic

You can use these themes to tell your own story or find out more a person you're working with.

Attention: what do you just keep noticing about a certain situation? Maybe it's a coincidence or a contradiction. This can be a "Eureka!" moment, or a slow hunch that builds up over time. Try the "That's funny..." tactic to develop these ideas.

Flow: when are you absorbed in a task that's not too hard, not too easy and where time just flies? This is when you're pushing the edge of your abilities, learning something new. It's never dull and deeply satisfying. 

Envy: when have you realised that someone else is doing what you want to do? This is healthy, motivating envy - as opposed to wishing you had the same lifestyle that someone else has.

Choice: what are the moments when you have chosen to go in a particular direction? We pay close attention to choices and consequences, especially when someone breaks away from past behaviour or defies a norm. Try the Tragedy/Redemption tactic to explore this theme.


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- Charles & Steve.

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