T-Bar Format

T-Bar Format

What is the T-Bar Format workshop tactic?

This workshop tactic helps you put your ideas into a format that can explain itself.

Having clearly articulated ideas in a consistent format makes them easier to understand and compare in a group. It also encourages the development of an idea by expanding on the detail and function.

T-bar format Miro Template

How to use the T-Bar Format tactic in your workshop

1. For each idea, draw a ‘T’ covering the height and width of a piece of paper.

T-Bar Format

2. On the right, give your idea a description that is easy to read. Bullet points are your friend.

3. Draw your idea on the left. It doesn’t have to be a work of art. It just needs to help communicate your idea.

4. At the top, give your idea an inspiring title.

5. When everyone’s completed their T-Bars, get them to stick them up on the wall and present them.

6. Prioritise the top three ideas with Secret Vote, or write the titles for each T-Bar on sticky notes for use on a Priority Map.

Origin: BBC

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