Workshop Tactics: the best problem-solving workshops in a box

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Workshop Tactics is a curated list of the best agile and design-thinking workshop techniques to help you lead your product team. Written by design consultant and Pip Decks founder, Charles Burdett.

Designed to guide you through the design process using group facilitation activities, each tactic can be used independently as a mini-workshop, or combined with multiple tactics to create Sessions.

You'll find: creative ideation workshops, energisers, icebreakers, retrospectives, root-cause analysis workshops, decision-making matrices and core facilitation techniques.

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Workshop Strategy System

Do you know clearly what your team is working towards?

Do you know the biggest problem you face?

Are you able to articulate your problem clearly?

Do you have a range of ideas on how to solve it?

Have you assessed if your ideas are robust?

Have you decided which ideas to test?

Make a prototype and test your idea.

Session Recipe

Various ways to string multiple tactics together to make a longer, more in-depth workshop.

Goals Goals

Agree on a desired end-state to work towards, so daily activity is moving you in the right direction.


Create a plan on how to achieve a specific goal.

1-2 hours

Understand Understand

Unpack problems and discover insights with critical and analytical thinking exercises.

Frame Frame

Articulate your problem or experiment in a clear way, so as to make it easier to start solving or testing.

Ideas Ideas

Encourage coming up with lots of ideas, then refine the best into more detail.

Evaluate Evaluate

Assess problems or ideas against certain criteria to understand them better.

Decide Decide

Prioritise ideas or problems based on your needs in order to decide what to focus on.

Discuss Discuss

Facilitate discussion to gain a better understanding of a team and progress towards goals.

Workshop Tactics Deck

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Technique Technique

Core techniques that are fundamental to facilitating a successful workshop.