Project Kick-off

Project Kick-off

What is a Project Kick-off session?

Get your new project off to the best start.

There are a hundred and one ways to kick-off a new project. This session helps you to get everything out on the table, prevent problems before they happen, and lets your team work out where to focus first.


How do you run a Project Kick-off session?

Follow the instructions on each of the cards linked below in turn, or dive into this step-by-step guide with worked examples.

1. Premortem

Premortem tactic

Identify problems before they happen, and make a plan to prevent them from happening.


2. Problem Statement

Problem Statement tactic

Frame the problem the project aims to solve, and what the measures of success will be.


3. Assumption Collecting

Assumption Collecting tactic

Gather all of the team’s user and business assumptions about the problem.


4. Assumption Map

Assumption Collecting tactic

Prioritise your most unknown and riskiest assumptions, to give the project the right focus.


5. Hypothesis Statement

Hypothesis Statement tactic

Frame your prioritised assumptions as experiments that will put them to the test.

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