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Team Time

Team Time

What is the Team Time session?

Remember the archaeological TV show Time Team? Well, this is pretty much nothing like that, but it will help you unearth the ingredients of an effective team.

This session gives your team a common goal and ensures everyone knows their role. It will help everyone learn how they can best work together, as well as building a picture of who else might influence the team.


How do you run the Team Time session?

Use the following sequence of tactics:

1. Newspaper Headline

Newspaper Headline Tactic

Get the team’s imagination flowing and set an aspirational vision to work towards.


2. Sailboat

Sailboat tactic

Find out what is driving your team, and what may stop you achieving your vision.


3. Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities tactic

Establish the roles in the team, and what each member does, discusses and decides.


4. Skills Market

Skills Market tactic

Understand what skills each team member has so you can work better together.


5. Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Map tactic

Understand all of the people who have a level of power and interest with your teams project.

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