Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck

What is the Get Unstuck session?

A way of probing a team or project to figure out what’s going wrong.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck. This session critically assesses what’s going wrong and helps you find out what your options are to get unstuck, before agreeing on a viable solution.


How do you run a Get Unstuck session?

Follow the instructions on each of the cards linked below in turn, or dive into this step-by-step guide with worked examples.


1. Sailboat

Sailboat Headline Tactic

Get the team’s imagination flowing and set an aspirational vision to work towards.


2. Five Whys Analysis

Five Whys workshop tactic

Find out what is driving your team, and what may stop you achieving your vision.


3. How Might We...

How Might We question workshop tactic

Frame the problem you discover in a way that invites a range of solutions.


4. Reverse Brainstorm

Reverse Brainstorm tactic

Understand what skills each team member has so you can work better together.


5. Rose, Thorn, Bud

Rose Thorn Bud workshop tactic

Evaluate your solution to see if it holds up, before you go off and test if it will work.

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