Heart, Head, Hand

Heart, Head, Hand

What is a Heart, Head, Hand workshop?

This workshop tactic evaluates the usefulness, emotional resonance and business value of an idea.

When you’ve had a great idea that you want to take forward, this method of evaluation makes you consider all aspects of it, so it doesn’t fall down when interrogated.

Beforehand, put your ideas (from a tactic like Idea Eight) into the T-Bar Format to make them easier to evaluate. Consider using Round Robin afterwards to help you develop your ideas further.

Heart, Head, Hand Miro Template

How to run a Heart, Head, Hand workshop

1. Put your idea into the T-Bar Format and stick it up on a wall so everyone can see it.

2. Facilitate a discussion by asking the following questions:

Heart (emotional)

  • Who will love this idea?
  • Will users be delighted by it?
  • Are you excited about it?
  • Why would someone care?

Head (logical)

  • Is it going to make sense to everyone?
  • Does it offer anything useful or pleasurable to users?
  • Does it support business objectives?
  • Is it distinctive from the competition?

Hands (practical)

  • Is it deliverable within a set budget and time frame?
  • Does it rely on something else that has uncertainties?
  • Will it get past any regulations or compliance requirements?

3. Decide as a group if you should develop your idea further with Round Robin or Storyboard, or kill it with fire and do something else.

Origin: David Orr, 1991

Not sure if this is the right approach for your team at the moment? Try a different evaluation tactic. Then, prioritise ideas or problems using a decision-making tactic.

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