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Round Robin

Round Robin Ideation

What is a Round Robin workshop?

This workshop tactic helps you develop your teammates' ideas quickly. For example, when you already have a rough outline of an idea, but you're ready for it to evolve into something more robust.

Thinking of what the next 'version' of the idea is will help you progress towards a fully formed solution. Collaboration doesn’t get more ruthlessly efficient than this.

This tactic works well with Crazy Eights beforehand to build a list of initial ideas to work on. Try Idea Beetle or Rose, Thorn, Bud afterwards to evaluate and improve your best ideas together.

How to run a Round Robin workshop

1. Give each person a large sheet of paper. Ask them to fold their piece of paper so that it is divided into four equal sections.

2. With the paper in portrait, ask the group to write the name of their idea and the problem it solves at the top.

3. Give them five minutes to draw their idea in the top left box with enough detail that someone can understand it without explanation.

4. Afterwards, instruct everyone to pass their paper to the person on their left.

5. The next person should look at the previous idea and develop it further, drawing their version in the next section of the paper. Additionally, they can include a statement about why the previous idea would fail.

6. Carry on doing this until all the sections of the paper are full.

7. Put the final ideas into a T-Bar Format and present them back to the group.

8. Decide which ideas to evaluate with Blind Vote. If you have a lot of ideas, consider prioritising them with Impact Effort Map.

Origin: Vedros K.R., 1979

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