Sail Boat

What is a Sailboat workshop?

This workshop tactic helps you find out what your goals really are, the reasons behind them and what’s stopping you from achieving them.

This exercise brings together teams and stakeholders to gain a shared understanding of their goals, drivers and barriers. You can find out what is slowing you down, or if the purpose or goals are not quite right.

This tactic requires you to Theme Sort as you go. Follow up this session by framing your barriers with How Might We….

Sailboat Miro Template

How to run a Sailboat workshop

1. On a large surface, draw a boat out at sea - this boat represents the team or the project.

2. Next, draw an island - this represents the goal. Ask the group to write down what they believe the team or project’s goals are on sticky notes.

3. Ask each member to share what they’ve written as you Theme Sort them near the island.

4. If you haven’t already, draw a sail on the boat. Explain that this represents what’s driving you towards your goal. Ask the group to write down the drivers.

5. Share and Theme Sort them near the boat.

6. Draw an anchor coming from the boat. Explain this represents the barriers to the goal. Ask the group to write down what’s slowing or stopping you achieving the goals.

7. Share and Theme Sort them near the anchor.

8. Secret Vote the goals to get an understanding of what everyone believes is most important to work towards.

9. Finally, Secret Vote the barriers to understand what the most important problem to solve is.

Origin: Luke Hohmann

Not sure if this is the right approach for your team at the moment? Try a different goal-setting tactic. Or, when you are happy with the goal(s) you have set, move on to workshops designed to help you better understand the obstacles and challenges ahead.

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