Design Dash

Design Dash

What is a Design Dash session?

Get your team from blank faces to a testable solution in a couple of days. 

Spanning over two days, this focused period of time helps your team quickly identify the biggest opportunity or problem to solve. Then - generate ideas to solve it and develop the most promising idea into a prototype to test.


How do you run a Design Dash session?

Follow the instructions on each of the cards linked below in turn, or dive into this step-by-step guide with worked examples.

1. Journey Map

Journey Map

Map out your user or customer’s journey to identify opportunities for improvement.


2. Idea Storm

Idea Storm session

Generate lots of ideas, then short-list and evaluate your best ones to take forward.


3. Priority Map

Priority Map tactic

Prioritise the best ideas by two criteria such as Impact vs. Effort or Cost vs. Value.


4. Storyboard

Storyboard tactic

Take the winning idea and expand on it further by turning it into a storyboard sequence.


5. Make it and test!

Get out of the building and test your idea!

Now’s the time to take your fully fleshed-out idea and create a prototype to test it!

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