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Difficult Behaviours

Difficult Behaviours

Set Principles of the meeting or workshop

Establishing a standard of behaviour at the start of a session helps prevent disruptions.

Argumentative people:

A healthy argument is good for reaching a consensus, however, if it escalates to arguing over minuscule detail, or a refusal to compromise, the best course of action is to point out the unproductive nature of the argument. Putting the argument to the wider group can also help stem a heated argument by reaching a group consensus.

Dominating people:

These types of people are usually poor listeners, and are unaware of the effect they have on others. Look for a place to intervene and ask for other’s opinions. You can neutralise this type of person by politely ignoring their efforts to speak.

Side meeting people:

When people have a conversation amongst themselves, it can be highly disruptive. This can be quickly remedied by being quiet, and patiently waiting for them to realise everyone is waiting for them to stop talking.

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