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What is the $100 workshop tactic?

This smart workshop tactic helps you prioritise the ideas or features you should focus on.

It encourages participants to decide where to invest $100. Using hard-earned cash as a voting tool is a fun yet clever way of getting people into a more pragmatic mindset. It changes the thought process from, “I like this one the most” to “where am I most likely to see a return on my investment?”.

Prior to this tactic, gather a list of items such as ideas from Crazy Eights, or problems from Sailboat, Journey Map, Service Map or Empathy Map.

How to use the $100 tactic in your workshop

1. Group together a list of items you want to prioritise.

2. Explain that each participant has $100 to spend in any way they like. Ask the group: Where are you most likely to see a return on your money? Where will you hedge your bets?

3. Instruct everyone to vote: write down a monetary amount on a sticky note and place it against an item. Do this until they've ‘spent’ their budget.

4. When everyone has finished, count up the total amount spent on each item, and conclude where the most money has been spent.

5. Discuss the next steps on actioning this item with Who, What, When.

Origin: Unknown.

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