Workshop Checklist

Workshop Checklist

How to structure a workshop

For planning the content structure of a workshop - see the Tactics page.

In order to conduct a successful workshop, you will need to plan accordingly and give it structure.

Depending on the complexity of various factors, such as location, number and type of attendees, and the goal of the session - your preparation may vary from:

"I know what I'm doing and need to do very little preparation" to "I need to design this workshop and test it with some people before I run the real thing!"

As your experience grows as a workshop facilitator, you tend to think more to the former - planning and running a workshop comes naturally, much like preparing dinner. You've already gone out and bought the ingredients, you've pre-heated the oven, and you know you'll need to wash up afterwards.

However, in our busy lives, it's easy to forget the basics. This checklist is a simple yet powerful reminder of the things you need to ensure a successful session.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
- Benjamin Franklin



Workshop Checklist Form

The checklist is comprised of three sections: what to do before, during and after a workshop. It gives you a practical and mental list that you can check off beforehand, and as you go.

What to do before a workshop 

(booked room, invited people, set agenda)
(whiteboard, sticky notes and pens)
(charger, adapter, screen, projector)
(refreshments, temperature, chairs, wall space)

What to do during a workshop

(introductions and goal of the session)
(explain how we are going to do that)
(your personality is your facilitation style)
(stop or change course if it's not working)

What to do after a workshop

(thank everyone for their contribution)
(record things that need documenting)
(leave the room how you found it)

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