Three Little Pigs Retro

Three Little Pigs

What is a Three Little Pigs retrospective workshop?

This workshop tactic helps you reflect on what’s going well on your project, and what could be improved.

With the help of a childhood fable you will frame the discussion through a lens of stability, without all of the unhelpful huffing and puffing you might find in a reflective meeting. This process highlights the problems that need to be solved, while celebrating what’s going well.

Three Little Pigs Miro Template

How to run a Three Little Pigs retrospective workshop

1. On a large surface, create three columns:
Three Little Pigs retro template

Made of straw: Weak or could fall apart. High risk.

Made of sticks: Somewhat rigid. Medium risk.

Made of stone: Immovable. Low risk.

2. Explain to the group the story of the Three Little Pigs, if they aren’t familiar with it.

3. On sticky notes, ask each person to spend two minutes writing answers to the first column. What aspects of your project, team, or anything work related are 'made of straw' (weak, or could fall apart easily)?

4. In turn, have each person post their sticky notes in the 'straw' column, and briefly talk through each one. Theme Sort as you go.

5. Do the same for the next two columns.

6. Save time at the end of the meeting for discussion. This is a chance to reflect on all the input.

7. Prioritise the top three things to action with Secret Vote. Consider using Who, What, When to ensure there is commitment to the actions.

Origin: Steve Wells

Not sure if this is the right approach for your team at the moment? Try a different discussion tactic to help facilitate your team’s progress together. 

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