PPP #53: The hidden trait of effective leadership

PPP #53: The hidden trait of effective leadership
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett

Personal Growth

The overblown implications effect

“We think people judge us by a single success or failure, but they don’t. If you mess up one meal no one thinks you're a bad chef, and if you have one great idea no one thinks you're a genius. People just aren't thinking about you that much.”

—Ethan Mollick

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Find the red thread

The best presentations have a red thread. 

This is the storyline that ties all your stories, facts and figures together to create a coherent narrative.

A simple beginning, middle and end will 10x your presentation!  

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The hidden trait

Self-awareness is a hidden trait of effective leadership.

Leaders with strong self-awareness identify the most crucial areas they need to develop and set a plan to improve.

What could you improve?

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