PPP #66: How to earn respect

PPP #66: How to earn respect
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


Push your characters

Plot makes your story exciting, but emotional stakes make it memorable. 

Push characters to their limits. It doesn’t need to be life or death situations, just make it matter deeply to the character. By doing so, you'll make it matter to the audience.

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Break it up

Break activities into 15-25 min chunks with time for group discussion after each one.

This keeps the energy up while ensuring everyone’s thoughts are heard. It’s an easy way to keep a group engaged, and allows time to reflect on what was discovered and achieved. 

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Earn genuine respect

You can’t force your team to respect you, either through bribery or fear.

True respect comes from being the tenacious and knowledgeable person in the room with the willingness to lead by example. 

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