Newspaper Headline

Newspaper Headline

What is a Newspaper Headline workshop?

This tactic gets you to think about the company or project’s future by predicting what the press might say about it on their front page.

Giving everyone a chance to dream about the future brings to light the true goals of the organisation. From the predictions, you start to define the problems to pursue and which direction to move in.

Try out G.R.O.W or Sticky Steps after this tactic to give you a clearer idea of how you are going to achieve your grand future vision.

Newspaper Headline Miro Template

How to use a Newspaper Headline workshop

1. Get each person to draw the template on a portrait piece of paper:

Newspaper Headline

2. Tell the group they are going to predict the future. Explain each section and ask them to complete it.

3. Once complete, encourage everyone to share their future vision. Try to find common themes and reflect on how these might be condensed into one common goal.

Break down your predictions as follows:

Headline: Describe the extraordinary success of the company in one catchy, attention-grabbing headline.

Subheading: Reveal more of what the story is about.

Sketch: Draw something that supports the headline.

Report: In bullet points, detail the highlights of the story.

Quotes: Include some fictional quotes from people about the accomplishment.

Origin: The Grove Consultants International.

Not sure if this is the right approach for your team at the moment? Try a different goal-setting tactic. Or, when you are happy with the goal(s) you have set, move on to workshops designed to help you better understand the obstacles and challenges ahead.

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