PPP #97: The Day One mentality

PPP #97: The Day One mentality
Pip’s Practical Prompts Newsletter
Sent by Charles Burdett


The Day One mentality

At work, we often get caught up in strings of events that started ages ago.

To avoid that, make your next decision as if it was the first day of the business.

With the knowledge you have today, how would you best approach things?

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Let's get one thing clear

As projects go on, it’s easy for teams to misinterpret what everyone is responsible for.

To fight that, do a Role Clarification exercise. Ask everyone to describe their role as they see it.

Then, have the team share what they think the person is responsible for - and address the differences.

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The feedback hack

Want to get better feedback and quickly address the issues in your idea?

Don’t ask what people like about it or what they think.

Instead, ask them what they don’t understand about it.

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